Profile_1Inspite my studies on environmental engineering, I have always been linked to art, painting, singing or collaborating as a photographer in music magazines..

Photography is for me an introspective journey through my own self, trying both to express and comprehend the fragility and complexity of human souls. I tend to create close but yet ethereal images, in the line between the real and the imaginary.

You can follow my work on Facebook and Instagram @mariamnephoto




– October 2011- Kurtzio Kultur etxea (solo exhibition)
– January 2012- Goñi Portal Kultur etxea (solo exhibition)
– November 2012 – Centros municipales Bilbao (C.E)
– December 2012 – Cosmocaixa Barcelona (C.E)

– January 2013 – Centros municipales Bilbao (C.E)

– February 2013 – Legambiente Milán (C.E)
– March 2014 – Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
– March 2015 – Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
– May 2015- Usurbe Antzokia (C.E)
– December 2015 – Lurren Sopela (solo exhibition)
– March 2016 – Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
– June 2018 – Fundación Universidad Isadoriana (C.E)


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