Profile_1Trained as an engineer, and passionate about art since an early age, I started to work as a self-taught creative photographer after colllege. 

I use staged self-portraits as an expression of subjectivity and conscious/unconscious exploration. An intimate dialogue that reveals universal wounds, absence, trauma and desires.

As an artist, I’m interested in revealing the power of vulnerability in creation. Understanding our wounds, how we see them and see each other. An introspective journey that turns into a symbolic narrative of the fragility and complexity of the psyche, sometimes in the line between the real and the imaginary.

Prints of my work available.

You can follow my work on @mariamnephoto




– October 2011- Kurtzio Kultur etxea (solo exhibition)
– January 2012- Goñi Portal Kultur etxea (solo exhibition)
– November 2012 – Centros municipales Bilbao (C.E)
– December 2012 – Cosmocaixa Barcelona (C.E)

– January 2013 – Centros municipales Bilbao (C.E)

– February 2013 – Legambiente Milán (C.E)
– March 2014 – Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
– March 2015 – Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
– May 2015- Usurbe Antzokia (C.E)
– December 2015 – Lurren Sopela (solo exhibition)
– March 2016 – Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
– June 2018 – Fundación Universidad Isadoriana (C.E)
– November 2019- El Pósito de Linares (C.E)


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